'The little dog that is still a dog'

The Australian Terrier or "Aussie" as they are affectionately known are sturdy low set dogs of about 25cm or 10" high and come in two colours, Blue/Tan and Red. They make excellent companions for children, elderly or just about anyone wanting a loyal, spirited and very affectionate best friend. Being hardy little dogs Aussies can live inside or out provided they are given a warm, dry kennel to sleep in. They are however happiest when around their "family" so need plenty of company. Their harsh coat needs little trimming, a good brush over once a week is sufficient to keep them tidy. Bathing is only required once a month at the most unless they get very dirty. While not really aggressive Aussies do make excellent watch dogs being ever alert for any strange sounds or scents. They are not yappy dogs and seldom bark with out good reason. Australian Terriers are eager to please and very easy to train. They are bold, energetic dogs that are equally happy going for long walks or being lap dogs indoors keeping your knees warm watching TV.