Beagle Hounds are compact, lively dogs of between 13" and 16" Inches high so are small enough to make an excellent house pet.

The most common colour is tri-colour, a combination of black, tan, and white but can also be tan and white or lemon and white.

Beagles easily adapt to suburban living so long as they have reasonable sized backyard and will also appreciate regular walks, always on a lead (as once beagles find an interesting scent they will follow it religiously, seemingly "unable" to hear your calling.)

Beagles are quite contented living out in the yard with a nice warm kennel and lots of toys, although they will happily make themselves at home inside lovingly sharing your bed or lounge.

Being a pack hound beagles love the company of people & other dogs, so being left alone for long periods can encourage annoying habits such as excessive chewing and barking.

If there is not going to be sufficient "people" company perhaps you could consider a pair so there is a constant playing companion.

Being a naturally clean dog with a short coat beagles are very easy care, only occasionally requiring a bath to "freshen up" and a brush over to remove loose hair.